Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Mathematical Association of America MathFest

Several faculty members attended and presented at the 2015 MAA Mathfest meeting held in Washington, D.C. This year marked the Centennial celebration for the MAA so it was an extra festive meeting. Here are the highlights of our faculty contributions.

  • Dr. Doug Ensley presented "Assessing the Effects of Interactive Technology on Concept Retention in Precalculus” in the Contributed Paper Session, The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Collegiate Mathematics. At that same meeting, he also co-organized PosterFest 2015, a networking event for Early Career Mathematicians, and he was a discussant for the professional development panel session, Finding Your Niche: Staying Fresh.
  • Dr. Ben Galluzzo was a panelist for the session, Nonacademic Career Paths for Mathematicians. In addition, he co-organized the session, Classroom Activities and Projects within the Context of Environmental Sustainability and co-organized the workshop, USE Math:  Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in the Mathematics Classroom. Finally, he presented "Day One Modeling Discussions" in the Contributed Paper Session, Using Modeling for Teaching Differential Equations: Before, During, After.
  • Dr. Ji Young Choi presented "Jacobstal Sequence in the Ternary Represented Modified Collatz Sequences"  in the Contributed Paper Session, Number Theory and Logic or Foundations.
  • Dr. James Hamblin and Dr. Lance Bryant presented "Counting Loops and Paths: The Monoid of a Directed Graph" in the Contributed Paper Session, Graph Theory.
  • Dr. Marc Renault presented "The Periods of Fibonacci Sequences mod m" in the Contributed Paper Session, Number Theory and Logic or Foundations.

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