Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings

As always, the Ship Math Department was very active at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Here is a list of many of the things we did this year.
  • Dr. Lenny Jones presented A Class of Irreducible Polynomials in AMS session on Lattices, Polynomials, and Linear Algebra. This is joint work with Dr. Joshua Harrington.
  • Dr. James Hamblin presented Using Common Final Questions to Assess Proof in the MAA session on Assessment of Proof Writing Throughout the Mathematics Major. He also co-organized the MAA Committee on Technologies in Mathematics Education Panel Discussion entitled, "Assistive Technologies for Math Students and Faculty with Disabilities."
  • Dr. Doug Ensley was the guest lecturer for WEB SIGMAA's "Mathematics Instruction Using the Web." His presentation was titled Mobile Math Apps. He also presented Mobile Math Apps in the MAA Poster Session of Project Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education.
  • Dr. Ji Young Choi presented Vertical Recurrence Relations for Stirling Numbers of the Second Kind in the AMS session on combinatorics.
  • Dr. Kimberly Presser presented Using Daily Quizzes to Build Proof Skills in a Real Analysis Course in the MAA session on Topics and Techniques for Teaching Real Analysis. She also co-organized the following MAA General Contributed Paper Sessions:
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Teaching Introductory Mathematics
    • Research in Number Theory
    • Mathematics Education
    • Research in Algebra and Topology
    • Graph Theory and Combinatorics
    • Teaching Mathematics Beyond the Calculus Sequence
    • Interdisciplinary Topics
    • Research in Geometry and Linear Algebra
    • Modeling and Applications of Mathematics
    • Research in Applied Mathematics
    • Calculus
    • Assorted Topics
    • History and Philosophy of Mathematics
    • Assessment and Outreach
    • Mathematics and Technology
  • Dr. Joshua Harrington presented The Reducibility of Constant-Perturbed Products of Cyclotomic Polynomials in the MAA General Contributed Paper Session on Research in Number Theory. This is joint work with Dr. Lenny Jones and Dr. Daniel White.
  • Drs. Kate McGivney and Sarah Bryant presented Retaining and Advancing Female STEM Faculty at Teaching-Focused Institutions in the MAA session on Programs and Approaches for Mentoring Women and Minorities in Mathematics.
  • Dr. Paul Taylor presented Two Short Projects for Improving Financial Literacy in the MAA session on Projects, Demonstrations, and Activities that Engage Liberal Arts Mathematics Students.
  • Dr. Ben Galluzzo presented Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in Mathematics in the MAA Poster Session of Project Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education. He also co-organized the "MAA Session on USE Math: Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in the Introductory Mathematics Classroom."
  • Dr. Deborah Gochenaur presented Mathematics - for life, for love, for a living in the MAA session on Student Activities. This is joint work with Dr. Luis Melara. She also co-organized the MAA Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers Panel Discussion entitled, "Mathematicians Supporting Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics."
  • Mr. Grant Innerst presented Statistical Crowd Counting in the MAA session on Data, Modeling, and Computing in the Introductory Statistics Course. This is joint work with Dr. Ben Galluzzo.
  • Dr. Dave Kennedy presented How Math Can Lead You to Fantasy Football Glory in the MAA session on Mathematics and Sports. This is joint work with Dr. Ben Galluzzo.
  • Dr. Marc Renault presented Properties of the (a,b)-Fibonacci Sequence, Modulo m in the MAA General Contributed Paper Session on Assorted Topics.
  • Ms. Alicia Lamarche presented Representing Integers as the Sum of Two Squares in the Ring Z_n in the AMS session on Combinatorics and Number Theory. This is joint work with Drs. Lenny Jones and Joshua Harrington.

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